SEO Progress

Google Search-ability

The good new is, five of my keywords (Phrases) are searchable by Google. Two key words climed onto the lower first page, while others made it to the second and third pages. This has great significants to my market strategy, that my products are now searchable by Google to my website and not just by my brand names and my own name accompanied with words like photographer, cinematographer, or film maker. Another important significants is my website builder and host server can deliver a website structure that Google likes and can get me on the first page. But there is still need for improvement.

Landing Page

The impressions to my website aren’t finding my intended page. Because I was concentrating on marketing my photography side of my business to begin with, in order to finance my film production, I intended my Home Page would be the landing page marketing my portrait photography, but Google had other ideas. I found that my About page was making all the landings. I then added my content to my Home page and picked up only one impression, but I still lacked the full range of keywords.

After researching Google SEO requirements, I decided to make a dedicated Landing Page. This allowed my Home Page to summarise my business, my About Page to talk about professional practise, and my new landing page called Portraiture to specialise in portrait photography.

General SEO Rules

The components needed to be included on a page for search results are as follows.

  • Meta Key Words
  • Content
  • Meta Description
  • Headings H1
  • Meta Alt for photographs
  • Domain Name
  • SSL certificate

Key words need to be a phrase that describes your product. It is important to include your business location to make the search engine searches are more specific. There are millions of photographers in the world. Each phrase is separated by a comma. keywords need to be used multiple times within the page content. The meta description is what will be displayed on a search engine result. If this is absent, Google will use the first line of your page content. The H1 widget or block, needs to be used for headings. Don’t make important headings within the text box. You need to describe what a photograph is about by entering a description into the Alt box or added to the html script. Domain Name can be the name of your page as read by the internet. Example: , where /portraiture is your keyword. And finally, Google is leaning towards secure websites, so an SSL certificate is becoming important for a better Google ranking.

Update your website regularly.

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