Open Day At Ocean Studios, Plymouth

Open Day on the 2nd March

My Open Day was held at Ocean Studios on the 2nd March. Where I photographed actors on a Time For Print basis (TFP).

Ocean Studios Café

The main aim of the Open Day was to promote my new photography side of my business and my brand name Devonflicks to actor Facebook groups. Devonflicks dominates Google searches using the search “Devonflicks”, but does not return impressions with my product searches, such as “portrait photographer”, as my website SEO hadn’t kicked in yet.

Also, a second reason for holding an open day, was to add to my portfolio. This was the reason for photographing my subjects on a Time For Print basis. I would gain portfolio material and the actors I photograph would also add to their portfolios.

Actress Nala Hermeziel

Actors make wonderful photographic subjects. They can portray character, personality, mood and emotions, providing a wide range of portfolio material.

A second reason for using actors, was to promote the open day on actor Facebook groups, which was also my target audience for headshots and portraits. And with an actor’s portfolio, I could promote my portrait services after the photoshoot too.

I also experimented with new backgrounds providing colour to my website galleries. Most of the actors came with friends, allowing me to photograph couples and groups. This added more diversity to my website, showing more what I can do in the studio.

The Open Day was a great success. 9 actors took part in 5 sessions. I took 560 photographs allowing me to choose only the best photographs to show on my website and social media.

To see a selection of the Open Day photoshoot and previous sessions, please visit my website at .

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